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Our Services Born of Necessity

Patricia Renard Scholes

Owner and Innovator of Lorekeeper Publishing Services

After years of trying to learn all the pieces of the publishing process by myself, I finally came across some help that I want to share with you. You need not waste years learning how to do each part of the process yourself. 

Just take advantage of the parts you need, and discard the rest.

Why do I do this? Because I believe everyone needs at least one chance in this world to shine.

I write dystopian novels just for that reason. What do you do when everything falls apart? I know, because I've lived through several dystopian events. We lost everything twice, once in a tornado that took our home and almost everything else (except for our children. We were never more grateful to still have our babies.)

The second time a change in the economy caught us unprepared. We lived in tents in the mountains for six months. It was better than living in the Denver streets. 

But we never gave up. That's what's unique about me. No matter what life throws my way, I never give up. 

I truly hope your life journey isn't as traumatic as ours was. I hope, instead, that you take advantage of this opportunity I'm offering you. I believe you have at least one story to tell the world. I'm offering you a way to make your writing SHINE! 

You deserve this break.

Contact: Lorekeeper@gmx.com