Her Dark Inheritance


This very Talented child is in danger. A gang of Blades would use Tadessa for her ability to "fight like the wind." Her Uncle Jem, her mother's brother, would use her as leverage against her mother. But worst of all are the Zocassari - Those Who Should Not Exist - evil entities who would subvert her abilities and force her to serve them. So her father must keep her hidden in the Area, a slum of filth and danger, while he teaches her to stand on her own.

Karra, her mother, is also in danger. Her brother Jem has placed her, under the name of Laren, into her enemy's home. Once High Commissioner Del A'nden finds out who she really is, he will kill her.
The forces against them are too strong and too numerous. They haven't a chance to overcome them. 

Or do they?