Some of our success stories

Into Darkness


The Nevians came with blasting guns, subjugating the people with their military might.

This very Talented child is in danger. A gang of Blades would use Tadessa for her ability to "fight like the wind." Her Uncle Jem, her mother's brother, would use her as leverage against her mother. But worst of all are the Zocassari - Those Who Should Not Exist - evil entities who would subvert her abilities and force her...

Provided she lived, of course, because not only Blades sought to keep her from reaching maturity, and fulfill her purpose..

In a society filled with easy Christianity and cheap grace, Nicole Benoit-Roy takes her relationship with Christ to a much deeper level. Since becoming a Christian, she has been learning about her newfound Savior, Jesus Christ. She is an educator who vows to be a student for as long as she lives. The more she learns about the cross of...

The Zocassari wants her. Powerful, enticing, persuasive, and filled with darkness, "That Which Should Not Exist" hates her as much as it wants to own her. It lusts after her abilities, which are far greater than the being it now controls. It pushes the man it inhabits to search for the girl.