We accept science fiction, fantasy, science fantasy, steampunk, romance, YA science fiction/fantasy, dystopian, romance, paranormal and paranormal romance. Query if you have another project you would like us to consider. Please note: I edit FICTION.

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Book Critique

More than just reading your book, this service includes a critique that tells you what you do right, what needs work, and where you need to go from here.

Developmental Editing

This is an overview of your whole book, including where your plot needs help, how to improve your characterization, dialogue, word choices, everything that makes your book its best.


Then we can finish with one last edit to catch typos, grammar issues, misspellings and other details.

Virtual Book Tour

Make your work known to the world.

Back Cover Blurb and Promotional Presentations

Professionally written back cover and promotional presentations, an enticing way to advertise your book on promotional sites, such as on Amazon and Facebook.

Contact: Patricia@LorekeeperPublishingServices.com